We will be your business partner that provides creative sensuous designs.


We are a competitive company which provides quality services by placing our priority on keeping promises with our customers.

  • General Food & Health functional food OEM, ODM
    We offer consultation, recipe development and processing development by texture, ingredients and product group according to customer preference.
  • Branding Consultation
    We help with logo, package design and concept development, starting from the brand & product naming stage.
  • Distribution & Marketing Consultation
    We provide consultation for your rapid advancement into the market based on our various domestic and overseas distribution channels and operational know-how.
  • Design
    We strive to improve the life of our customers with differentiated brands and sensuous package and web designs.
  • Quality Control & QA
    We guarantee the best quality from the incoming of raw and subsidiary ingredients to the outgoing of products after production processing based on our systematic and detailed control system.
  • Detailed Follow-Up Management
    We promise careful follow-up management for more advancement by actively reflecting the opinions of our customer companies and consumers.