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Company History

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Business Highlights
  • '12~'15 Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry: Project of fostering regional strategic food industry
  • '12~'18 Andong-si: Project of systemizing excellent species
  • '15~'18 Andong-si: Operation of Korean natural dye industrialization center
  • '15~'17 Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry: Project of developing high value added food technology
  • '15~'18 Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry: Project of developing agricultural and bio industry technology
  • '17~'18 Gyeongbuk Province: Project of increasing added value of regional specialty produce
Research Performance
  • - GMP management, HACCP management, export, government project task plan, budget plan, execution, production
  • - Development of health functional food by using ginseng & red ginseng
  • - R&D, natural dye test production
  • - Development of functional fermented products by using beans +medicinal herbs
  • - Project of development and industrialization of prime new product groups
  • - Industrialization of plant extract that can be used as dye
  • - Development of world-class star products by using medicinal herb (Angelica root) containing minerals
  • - Development of unified system for farmers’ high income by using smart IT system
  • - Development of high value-added functional products by using red violet natural dye from Korean herbal plants
  • - Discovery of natural dye free of allergy matter; and development of safety improving technology and industrialization of large scale processing standardization through nano-chemistry
Public Agency Recruitment
  • Gyeongbuk Institute for Bio industry Deliberation council member of the Steering Committee
  • Support center for Yeongcheon medicinal herb cultivation industrialization Deliberation council member of the introduction of equipment
  • Deliberation council member of the introduction of equipmentNon-deliberation council member of agricultural produce processing plant
Paper Publication & Awards
  • '15Design and application of the farmer unification system by using smart IT devices
  • '15The Journal of the Korean Society of international Agriculture Vol. 27(5), pp. 551-695(2015)
  • '15Analysis of informatization and system requirements of specialty produce cultivating farmers in the Andong region (J. Korean Soc. Int. Agric.), 27(5):657∼662(2015)
  • '12Andong-si No.188 Award Certificate 2015.12.31