We will be your business partner in leading the market together.


We will grow together based on the best expertise and trust.

Serendi Farm is an OEM, ODM-specializing production company in the general food and health functional food industry.
We provide consultation, recipe development and processing development by texture, ingredients and product group according to customer preference and we develop and provide products according to concepts pursued by our customers.

We suggest the direction of leading trends based on analysis of market trends and new ingredients developed through many years of research conducted by our research center by considering the purpose and direction of our customer companies.

In addition, we strive to increase the value of our customer companies through the value of differentiated brands by creating package designs suitable for various categories and brands.

We ensure optimal processing quality from the incoming of raw and subsidiary ingredients to the outgoing of products after production processing based on the systematic and detailed management system of Serendi Farm. We promise careful follow-up management and to strengthen future design quality as well by actively reflecting the opinions of customer companies and consumers.

We will help facilitate your rapid advancement into the market through product marketing, intensive provision of the distribution network and consultation based on our know-how on the operation of 100 OEMs, the holding of h&b brands and the acquisition of distribution channels.

Executives and Staff Members of Serendi Farm